Sunday, December 23, 2007


Well it is 12:00am my time. just got done singing nick HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

He is in vegas. He went to the BYU Bowl game. So where he is at it is only 10:00. But in my neck of the woods it is officially my mans birthday! I cannot wait to see him... and since he does not read my blog, or wont in the next 12 hours ill let everyone in on a little secret.

when i get off the plane im going to give him a Patriots cap for his birthday. As sweet as he is. he will say thanks babe, its great. i like it. And then ill give him the 40 yard line 17th row tickets for the NY giants vs. NE Patriots game the 29th the day we get to New York. Last home game of the season for the Giants, so the tickets we aweful to find. im not really a football fan of any kind. my brother was a basketball star (at almost 6'8) you might guess that! Anyway, it was super hard to get good tickets and I didnt even really know where you wanted to sit at a game, besides lower 50 yd line. those tickets were about 12,000 a piece. It turned out well though. i got pretty good tickets, and he will definatley not expect it! i have been giving him a really hard time about the Fantasy fooball deal. i just dont see the point. needless to say football hasnt been the greatest thing for the past few months.... until now!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to tell him!


Shally said...

That is going to be so much fun!! What a great gift! And I LOVE being in on secrets of any kind..