Monday, May 25, 2009

Matty's Graduation

Lost to catch up on but I am going to try to stay in order. My wonderful brother graduated from college this month!  YES he is a stud muffin.... Was and always will be .... But NOW with a college degree! We are so very proud of him and his dedication to sticking it out even after basketball was well over. There couldn't have been a more proud sister there that day. I had been with him through the ups and downs and it was really neat to see him reach a goal that he thought at many times was unattainable! HE DID IT.  I have always known he could do anything that he set his mind to.  He is brilliant, and has so many great qualities to be admired. I love him no matter what he does, but when you see him succeeding your heart just swells out of your chest. My family all feels the same way, my parents got him a stellar car as a graduation gift. As if he wasn't already good looking enough, just imagine him pulling up in a black 7 series BMW and stepping out in linens with his shades. One word HOT! Yes, I am proud to say he is a Hottie! Watch out ladies...  

The best part though, he has the sweetest heart to go along with those outward looks. I am probably not the best at expressing my feelings towards him. You know two really close brothers and sisters give each other a hard time 98% of the time. We both have a pretty good sense of humor. I love that, but sometimes you don't get the chance to be serious long enough to really share how you feel! 

I have an amazing brother, and he is so many things that I am not. Many times growing up I think we compared ourselves to one another because it was just the two of us.  I always wanted to be like him. You know skinny and all... No I am playing. He possesses many qualities that I admired over the years. He is very compassionate, caring, gentle, thoughtful of people's feelings, a great listener, and most of all a great friend. He has always been one of my best! I remember when we were little we didn't care about having any other friends besides one another. We always wanted each others full attention! I have so many great memories. 

I love you Matty, thank you for always being there for me, and loving me when I am unlovable... I am a super proud and so blessed to be able to call you my brother. I know you will do great things in your life, and will touch many peoples lives for the good. I look forward to growing up, maturing, and being able to become closer everyday. I have accepted the fact that I'll never be skinnier than you, or as good at wake boarding as you, or as good at making anyone laugh. Most of all I will never beat you in any kind of video game no matter how much you try to let me win (so i might keep playing) ;o) I am OKAY with all of that! I am GLAD you are! You thought I'd never say it! 
( I can still beat you with a trick off the diving board and a "creative" coloring contest) Sorry, I had to!
I love you MATTY.



Sherine said...

Congrats to your brother!! (still can't wait to hear about your trip!)