Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My hubby has been in Australia for two whole weeks, and i am missing him like crazy!!! the Dogs have kept me busy and lots of company, but there is nothing like the love and companionship a husband gives.
I tell Nick everything... He always is a great listener.
I love being able to cook together and eat dinner.
I love waking up next to him every morning.
I love texting each other all day little love notes.
I love snuggling on the couch.
I love going to the park and watching the pups chase my amazingly fast hubby.
I love the way he smells... yees all the time.
I love the way it feels when he hugs me really tight.
I love that he always knows when something is wrong with me.
I love that we want the exact same things out of life...
I love that he actually loves hanging out with me.. some men love to have guy time.
I love that he loves his mom, and makes such an effort to make her feel loved by him. ( that is a great trait in a man)
I love that he is so amazing with kids ( it really makes me want to reproduce) I am being patient though
I love that he is so patient to teach me things... He understands that i want to learn but it might take a while
I love that he makes me laugh! he did three times today really hard and i bet we talked a total of 15 min all day!
i love that he picks me up like i am a little bitty thing (thats been a life long dream) i haven't ever been little
I love that he will always give me a back massage if i ask... on that note he will do anything for me if i ask
I love that he designates a time night that we can have some quiet scripture study time.
I love that he is such a great leader and it makes others around him want to be better people
I love that he hates to sit around. We always like to be doing things.
I love that he is the BEST GRILLER in the world... I have really missed that while he was gone
i love how he thinks about everyone before himself!
I love that he takes such great care of me.
I love that he drops by to see me at work and brings me surprises!!! I feel super LOVED!
I love that he pays our bills starting in jan... I love not thinking about when something is due... I have enough at the Salon.
I love how passionate he is about us playing on some sort of team together even though i told him i wouldn't be any good.
I love how he sees things and makes them happen that i never thought we imaginable. We balance each other out so well.
I love him sooooooooo much
HURRY TOMORROW and get here!


Sherine said...

Australia??? That's too far:) You will LOVE reading this post again in 5 years.. and realizing that it was only the beginning:)