Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay, for Halloween this year we have 2 weekends worth of fun. The first one we decided that Nick would pick out our theme and costumes. For Party number 2, I would do the selections. With that said....

We both were out of control.

We both picked things not appropriate for children.

But FUNNY. Really FUNNY.

(please don't be offended!)

Introducing RICKY and CARLY BOBBY of Talladagen Nights!

Bobby was the HIT of the party! I swear every woman there wanted a picture with him or of us together!
I was fun! It shocked all 150 people that were there!


Britni said...

how funny! looks like yall had fun!

Haley said...

seriously so funny!!! oh Nick!!!!!!!

i still need to see the peacock

♥Shally said...

Ewwww, Nick!!!

Annie said...

I didn't know BUDDY liked potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark and Ashley said...

Nick you could have taken off a sock and used it to your advantage if you know what I mean.