Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My photographer posted the pictures last night so I could place my order and be able to have one at the wedding. It's not like that matters a whole lot... but for some odd reason that is what people do.
Everyone will get to see the bride in Mexico, but her hair won't be curled so perfectly. I guess that would be the reason for the picture. Her hair won't behave at all in the humidity... So it WILL look like a different bride.
My dress was comfortable and it fit perfect. It was easy to move around in. It made be feel really special. The flowers were beautiful, and exsactly what i wanted them to look like! I can't wait.
I got the favors packed last night. I wanted the candy to be fresh so I waited till the last minute!!! It is yummy!!!!
I am most excited tho about getting to spend lots of time with our family... I am so close to my family, and can't remember the last time we all went somewhere together. I also have some really special memeories with Nick's family, Christmas, my Baptism, and lots of quick visits. I am excited about getting to know them even better.
It wil be really GREAT to all be with one another to celebrate this amazing time in our lives. We are so blessed to have one another.... Now get home NICKY so we will be ready to go!!!! ;o)


♥Shally said...

I need to start packing!!

Brandi Natividad said...

I am dieing to see your pictures, what is your password.

Melissa said...

can't wait to see all the pics... have fun in mexico!!!

Haley said...

so excited for you guys!!! we will see you soon!!!!! can't wait!!!

pretty sure i wont' do any packing until the night before we leave!!!

Britni said...

the pictures were amazing! i wish you all the happiness in the world. have fun in mexico.