Monday, May 12, 2008

My Calling

I was really excited last week at church! I was going to be told what my calling was. I had thought of alot of all the different things. About the ones that would be really easy for me, and then some that were harder just because I can't remember everyones name yet! President Dyal called me into my office and said that he had prayed about it, and I was to be extended a calling of Relief Society Teacher. I was really excited.... I really think when you are able to teach you are able to learn so much more. Well we didn't waste much time, since I am going to be gone this next Sunday I offered to teach this week! My lesson was on Gifts of the Spirit. I love to study about them, and help people to realize what theirs are. Everyoneof us has many gifts and talents. It might be very small or something evident to many, but all are crucially important to the Church being complete and being able to work so smoothly. All needs are met, and everyone's gifts bless one anothers lives! It was an exciting uplifting first lesson to teach. I can't wait for many more to come!!!


Shally said...

You will be great at that!

Haley said...

WOW!!! I know since i'm saying this, it will be my next calliing too but you are awesome to take that calling so quickly after getting baptised!!(not that i would turn it down but i might want to) I have been in the Church my whole life and would have a hard time with it even now.
I know you will be awesome at it and I bet all the "sisters"will love hearing from you!!!

good luck!!!

i hope to stay in Primary forever!!!