Monday, April 20, 2009


Now that was a Family Home Evening. Nick and I had the sweetest couple over. Anna and Will. She works with our Bishop at Tech... He said she had some questions about the church, and thought I would be perfect for them. So I called her and invited them over for Dinner

Nick made Balsamic Glazed Elk Bruschetta
Then I did a Rosemary Turkey Tenderloin, Vinaigrette Spinach Salad, and Corn

Our Dinner guests were hunters and fisherman, so they really loved the elk (Nick says, they will get invited back now!)
We had the greatest conversation about life, religion, and people. They guys we out front playing fetch with the dogs. There is nothing better than getting to share what you believe with someone who is interested!
I am really excited to get to know them better.

I know this pic it a little scary! I had to though!


♥Shally said...

Don't know if I could have eaten the elk... but great job!!!

Sherine said...

Look at you natalie.. what a great example!! and what a SWEET post by Nick:)